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It is not easy for people with exceptional writing skills to learn how to establish themselves as an expert in their field through the various forms of available communication. But when a person who is driven by cause is also well-known for their ability to educate and engage the public, then you have someone who cannot but be a growing power for good in their own cause.


Christopher Hardy Zoukis started his published career as a critic on in 2011. His ability to be a passionate, engaging and prolific writer soon allowed him to embark on what has turned into a very successful career in prison advocacy and inmate’s rights. Many of his more popular works deal with helping inmates to improve their education and enhance their access to important research material.


Through his published magazine work, he has put a spotlight of the problems of for-profit prisons in America and the various interrogation techniques being used around the country. Prison advocacy groups starting turning to Christopher Hardy Zoukis for his ideas on improving conditions for inmates, and that is when his audience started to truly grow.


In 2017, Christopher Hardy Zoukis won the IndieReader Discovery Award, and in 2018 he came away as the winner of the Feathered Quill Book Award. His educational background is just as impressive as his writing credentials. Christopher Hardy Zoukis holds many advanced certificates for civil litigation and criminal law. In May 2018, he will earn a Masters of Business program at Adams State University where he already holds his bachelor’s degree.


With all of his awards, growing bibliography of critically impressive work and he persistent drive to be a leading voice in the battle surrounding prison advocacy, Christopher Hardy Zoukis knew that he could not just take on any job with any legal organization. That is why he chose to become the marketing director for the Law Offices of Brandon Sample.


Brandon Sample is a highly-regarded author, attorney and activist in the many areas of prison reform, and it only made sense that Christopher Hardy Zoukis would align himself with such a progressive figure in the advocacy arena.


As the marketing director, it is Christopher’s job to reach directly to the inmates and families who are affected by the need for prison reform. Christopher is the ideal writing professional to tell the stories that need to be told, and to continue to formulate those stories into an engaging national narrative. At his speaking engagements, Christopher is constantly reaching out to met new people who might offer yet another perspective for him to explore.


The story of Christopher Hardy Zoukis is one about the desire to make change and utilizing the tools at your disposal to create a voice. As the marketing director for one of the premier prison advocacy groups in the country, Christopher Hardy Zoukis knows that his work has only just begun.

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Christopher Hardy Zoukis
Christopher Hardy Zoukis